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it's all gone a bit wibbly.

don't mind me. i'm just waiting for the tardis.

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the fbi's most unwanted
3 November
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if you are not watching the awesome that is community, you are streets behind.


my fanfic (supernatural, criminal minds, band of brothers, sherlock holmes bbc, community): buffyaddict_fic
my blather (tv, books, boring life, etc.): buffyaddict13

annoying. creative. fanfic writer type. depressive. mom. nerd. geek. dork. short. caffeinated. tv-holic. avid reader. pretentious poet.
vaguely amusing. clumsy. off-putting. obsessive.


my kid. spencer reid. matthew gray gubler. damian lewis. the men of 101st airborne, 506th PIR, easy company. abed nadir and troy barnes. sherlock holmes. benedict cumberbatch. danny pudi. the 10th doctor. chuck bartowski. jhonen vasquez. alyson hannigan. cillian murphy. greendale community college.

buffy the vampire slayer. angel the series. firefly. spaced. generation kill. band of brothers. community. the wire. homicide: life on the street. x-files. oz. the kill point. criminal minds. chuck. avatar: the last airbender. dead like me. west wing. battlestar galactica. invader zim. sherlock bbc. doctor who.

sherlock holmes. shaun of the dead. lord of the rings. hot fuzz. keane. a midnight clear. iron man. princess bride. nightmare before christmas. sweeney todd. serenity. doctor horrible. the matrix. chasing amy. repo! the genetic opera. scott pilgrim vs. the world. disco pigs. ink.

flipon. poe. the boy least likely to. margot and the nuclear so and so's. voltaire. the french letter. colorscheme. josh groban. decemberists. glenn miller. beatles. barenaked ladies. weird al yankovic. murray gold. elliot smith. our lady peace. garbage. es posthumus.

incident of the dog in the nighttime. generation kill. the book thief. brothers in battle, best of friends. works of sherlock holmes. horns. y: the last man. the walking dead. the stand. city of thieves. with the old breed. all quiet on the western front. 1984. speak. gone with the wind. a wrinkle in time.

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