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official welcome thingy

if you're looking for my fic, my condolences.  you can probably find it if you look hard enough.  or you can use the sparkly new fic sticky post over at my writing journal [info]

this is my personal journal.
turn back now or face epic boredom doom.
and johnny.

about me:    i'm a nerd. i like nerds. i like fictional nerds. i like tv. i'm kind of like abed on community, but with fewer social skills. i like books. i like books more than most people.  i like a guy named matthew gray gubler and his alter ego spencer reid.  i like love time lords.  and lord of the rings. i like simon pegg. i like tv. i like band of brothers.  i like listening to ray's speeches in generation kill, but i like listening to pj ransone more. i like everything that tom fontana and david simon write.   i like sherlock holmes. i like comics.  i like the musician voltaire. i like weird things. i like tv. i like zombies. i like danny pudi. i like cillian murphy.  i worship robert downey jr. if you like any of these things there's a good possibility i will like you too.

feel free to friend me. you don't have to ask.

note: if you friended me for my fic, you might as well just defriend me now.

end of line.
zombie princess

hey i'm not dead

hey kym, i got your invite thingy and am writing just for you. whoooooooooooo!

tk is graduating in a few months, can you believe it?

i'm currently obsessed with izombie (DUH) and the flash. i am super sad that justified is almost over.

how are you??? how is everyone?

who is still on lj? anyone? bueller? bueller?

i just finished rewatching the last airbender for the second time this weekend. if you haven't seen it, OMG IT IS AWESOME.

we just got back from a family trip to the arches national park in utah. it was really beautiful and loads of fun.

here is tk looking like a cool western dude.

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hi guys.


i don't know if any of my friends are still here, as i suck and don't post here, or even read lj anymore.

i'm sorry about that. but life is a bowl of suck, and i spend most of my time reading fanfic and reblogging pics of rdj on tumblr.

(i am SO addicted to tumblr.)

so, basically, i'm here to say...i'm not going to be here. i'm going to let my paid account lapse into a free one next year, but my fic will still be here and on my fic journal.

if anyone wants to keep in touch with me, i have a tumblr and would love to hear from you.

i miss you, and i love you.

some of the best memories of my life have been on lj with you. so thank you for that.

thank you for everything.


EDIT:  OKAY, I FEEL BAD.  I AM CHANGING THIS TO "HARDLY EVER" UPDATE.  THAT WAY IF YOU NEED TO CONTACT ME OR WANT TO POINT OUT A POST TO ME, YOU CAN.  who knows, maybe i'll have something interesting to say someday. but don't hold your breath.

thank you for all the nice comments. i really love you guys.
zombie princess

STILL not dead

sorry i've been so mia lately. i blame a combo of extreme laziness and extreme-er shoulder pain.

i am looking forward to new bbc sherlock but dangamajig, i just got back from sherlock holmes 2 and it was awesome. i loves me some benedict, but rdj kicks ass. *happity sigh* SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!

things of also:

currently reading first monstrumologist book. i like.

had xmas with inlaws this weekend. because i am creepo, i got this book and i love it to itty bitty bits. i would give kidney to go to sedlec ossuary someday.

NEW MUPPETS MOVIE ROCKS LIKE WHOA111!!!! MAHNA MAHNA! doo doo, mahna manha. hearty heart heart!

tk got his mp3 player and new jacket stolen out of his locker on monday. YOU SUCK, LIFE. OMG YOU GUYS, I WAS SO MAD.

new dw in a week! new sherlock in 2!! thanks, santa.

i hope you're all good and happy and cozy and warm and good things like that. i've spent the past few weeks eyebrow deep in sherlock holmes fanfic and i don't plan to stop now.

musical community? BEST. THING. EVER.

still hearing american horror story.

gotta make dinner for tk now. but i just had to say hi, cuz i miss you guys. i've turned into a lame-o who's never on lj. MY APOLOGIES AND SUCH!

zombie princess

tv is my precious!


oh tv shows, never leave me again.

* * *

when i was looking for xf xover fics, i came across this awesome harry potter/colbert report fic READ IT. NOW.

i'll wait.

i'm STILL waiting.

now i want fics where colbert interviews the fightin' time lords and the fightin' rangers (lotr). and maybe the fightin' lannisters from game of thrones.

speaking of game of thrones, where are all the lotr/got crossovers where tyrion lannister hangs out with hobbits and helps with a certain quest?

* * *

also, did you know voltaire has a new album? the songs are mostly smirky/funny, but that's ok. the music is awesomesocks.

i leave for italy in, like, 2 weeks. meep!

new muppet movie soon! *kermit arms*

watched the pilot of homeland. not bad. definitely held my interest. poor damian. and i barely wanted to punch claire! 

end of line.